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Tia Does Agrotourism, Season 2, Episode 2: Platres and Pera Pedi villages

Travel vlogger and blogger Tia Savva heads to the Limassol district village of Platres and the neighbour community of Pera Pedi, in the second season, episode 2 from her popular ‘Tia does Agrotourism’ series.

Situated 25km northwest of the city of Limassol, Platres is one of the island’s wine villages, found at an altitude of 1,200m on the southern slopes of the Troodos range. Its temperate climate makes it a refreshing getaway for tourists and locals alike during the summer months, and the community’s primary focus is agrotourism.

Nearby Pera Pedi is situated about 35 km northwest of Limassol, at an altitude of 770m, and is crossed by the Krios (cold) river, a tributary of the river Kouris.

Highlights of Tia’s visit to Platres and Pera Pedi include the following:

  • Caledonian Falls hiking trail
  • Millomeris waterfalls
  • Feasting on local trout
  • Chocolate making
  • Wine and Liqueur tasting
  • Pera Pedi dam

View the original video here. Read the accompanying blog post, here.

For general information on planning an agrotourism holiday in Cyprus, check out Tia’s written blog here.

All of the videos from Season 1 of the series can be viewed on the Tia Does Travel YouTube channel here.

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