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Shame on health ministry for changes to Covid-death announcements

intensive care unit at sotiria hospital in athens

Your journalist’s report in the Cyprus Mail (Tuesday, April 20) that the health ministry appears to no longer be informing the public as to whether people who have died from covid-19 also suffered from underlying health conditions has dealt a severe blow to my 12-year love affair with all things Cypriot.

Certainly, pure joy has been the fair, unbiased reporting. From day one of the so-called “pandemic”, I have supported our government’s handling. I disagreed often but went along with a lot of it as it seemed balanced and sensible. But this, if true, is a blatant policy to whitewash and mislead the Cypriot public.

Further pure joy of retiring and living here is the evaluation that after decades of living all over the world, I regard Cypriots to be at the top end of brightness. We (sorry, regard myself as adopted Cypriots) are just far too bright to be taken in by misinformation.

Up until now, it has been as clear as a smack in the face that underlying health conditions played the most prominent cause of Covid-related deaths. Our health departments, truthfully, without bias, told us so. Why, now, if true, fall in line with other cynical manipulation of crowd perception and control, displayed by other governments?

Following easing of restrictions, I ventured to my fave chippy at Dhekelia base. Day one but empty. Well, save one other table. Ten of them. No social distancing. Very senior cops, military, UN – I could tell by the uniforms. No wonder I was given a disapproving look as I waltzed in wearing my 18-30, Aya Napa Cub T-shirt and shorts!

As they laughed, hugged, back-slapped, repaired to the chauffeur-driven limos, no masks. I pondered. What on earth do they know that we do not?

I am ceasing to wonder and develop a very well-reasoned mistrust, garnished by today’s Cyprus Mail’s report.

Shame on the health ministry.

Gordon I MacFarlaine, air transport pilot (retd), Oroklini 


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