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Replica of ancient Chalcolithic roundhouse completed

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The replica of an ancient Cypriot Chalcolithic roundhouse, dating back to around 2800–2400 BC, was completed at the Kissonerga-Mosfilia in Paphos.

The actual building chosen for the reconstruction was ‘Building 3’, also known as Pithos House, as it was the treasure trove of the ancient site, containing an unprecedented number of storage vessels.

The replica is to serve as the visitor centre at the site.

Pithos House helped tell and untangle the story of the ancient lifestyle at the site, as it was uniquely preserved by a fire.

The preserved finds include what may be the earliest known olive press on the island and the fierceness of the fire suggests that many of the storage vessels may have contained olive oil.

There were around 280 objects found within the building, as well as at least 37 storage vessels found in their original place.

Other finds include exotic faience beads, evidence for copper working, and one of only two stamp seals known from this period.

The fire also left evidence of the different activities undertaken by the people using the roundhouse. These include tool manufacture, food and liquid preparation and consumption.

With a diameter of 9 metres, the Pithos House is the largest Late Chalcolithic building at the site.

The work, carried out by various departments and organisations – including the antiquities department and The Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute – oversaw the project which brought back to life the ancient roundhouse.


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