There are a few faults with your inductive reasoning as appeared in your editorial Government should have given us no choice over vaccine (Sunday Mail, April 18).

First the fact.

Medical research discovered that AstraZeneca does cause blood clots in some cases.

The percentage that you gave if anything reinforced fears, most ignoring that the proportion of people that had experienced the adverse effects was 0.0005 per cent.

What you neglected to say was that this was only used on a small segment of society that had similar ailments. You might say a subset of society. We do not know what the percentage will be on a greater scale. Correct?

There are approximately 7,800,000,000 people on this planet. One million have died from Covid 19. Since you love showing small percentages to demonstrate irrational fear, only 0,000128205128205 per cent have died worldwide from Covid. Now if we compare percentages, yours is much more frightening. Isn’t logic great!

Patrick Barry