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Coronavirus: thousands grieving, stick to measures, epidemiological team says


Cyprus’ epidemiological team in an open letter to the public on Saturday called on citizens to adhere to the measures.

“We appeal to you, our fellow citizens in full honesty, to inform you of the current situation and ask for your cooperation.”

These are difficult days for hospitals, as with more positive cases and admissions, there are more people that need increased care, the letter said. Additionally, hundreds of families are going through a hard time in having to face a positive case within members of their household.

“Parents are worried for their children’s education, people are fighting to keep their businesses alive, children are being deprived of the uninterrupted education they need, parents are worried for the future of their children. Each person is experiencing the consequences of lockdown.”

Most importantly, “we think of those who lost or will lose their loved ones, without having the chance to say goodbye in the way they wished to.”

In the past year there are 350 dead and counting, some exclusively due to covid-19, some in conjunction with other causes, the letter said. This means that thousands of people are grieving and with 300 patients in hospital, there are thousands of people worried for their loved ones.

Hospital staff are fighting to tackle the pandemic but the latest epidemiological data is concerning with new infections across society and all age groups.

“Half of our fellow citizens that need hospital care are below 60 while 10 per cent of them will end up in ICU.”

Appealing to the public, the team said the only way we could deal with the ‘new normal’ is if everyone acted in a responsible manner: wearing their masks, social distancing, protecting vulnerable groups, limiting social circles and avoiding unnecessary movement and meeting different people.

“There is a way to change as much as we can. If we all contribute to this effort, we will manage a significant reduction of new cases and speed up our return to normalcy.”

Anyone with symptoms should stay at home, avoid contact with others and speak to their doctor. “It seems difficult but it’s simple. When it’s our turn for a vaccine, we get sufficient information and we don’t postpone. It’s simple,” the team said.

The letter was signed by the epidemiological team comprised of Petros Karayiannis, Costas Constantinou, Zoi Dorothea, Georgios Petrikkos, Christos Petrou, Constantinos Tsioutis, Constantinos Fellas, Linos Hadjihannas and Eirini Christaki.

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