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Shocked over low vaccine take-up

covid 19 vaccination in austria

I was shocked to learn of the survey that was taken showing that only four out of 10 people said they would get the Covid vaccine.

Have they not been watching the disturbing news coming out of India? Not a couple of hundred dying but thousands with no room at hospitals, no oxygen and no ventilators.

There must be more media education on offer as we have in Scotland – on notice boards in parks and shops, We also have professors on air and a ‘roll up your sleeve’ campaign which has been a big it.

We have had a wonderful uptake on the vaccine and now this week we have started with the 40-year-olds.

I would say we are all trying to do our bit so that in turn we can visit Cyprus, but do you really expect the British public to return to your country where it is showing a couldn’t-care-less attitude.

Beth Morrison

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