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Coronavirus: Pregnant women with Covid-19 are in high-risk groups, seminar hears

Pregnant women who test positive for Covid-19 and have symptoms are considered high-risk groups with increased risk of becoming severely unwell and even dying, according to the conclusions of an online seminar on the repercussions of Covid-19 on pregnant women, the embryo and the baby.

The seminar, organised by the Cyprus Society of Perinatal Medicine in April, said that the virus can be transmitted through the placenta (3.2 per cent) or during birth. At the same time, there are no indications for “there is no evidence of an increased risk of congenital malformations, miscarriage, endometrial death or intrauterine growth retardation.”

The birth should take place at a reference hospital which has the necessary infrastructure and specially trained medical and nursing staff as well as strict precautionary measures in place.

The seminar conclusions note that pregnant women who test positive may have natural births, if their condition allows it. Caesarean sections should only be performed following obstetric recommendations.

At the same time, breastfeeding the infant, allowing it to stay with the mother as well as having skin to skin contact, does not seem to affect transmission and should be encouraged, provided that strict protective measures are taken.

The seminar also heard that international organisations are in favour of pregnant and breastfeeding women being vaccinated as most studies have taken place with mRNA vaccinations.

At the same time, no delay is necessary in becoming pregnant after being vaccinated, adding that vaccines and testing positive for Covid-19 does not affect fertility. Vaccination can occur during childbearing, or assisted reproduction. In case of pregnancy between the two doses, the second dose can be postponed to the second trimester of pregnancy.

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