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Parallax and perspective: framing Chloraka’s coastal contrasts

It may take a moment, but once your eyes adjust to the gentle up-and-down bob of a lens wielded by a cameraman on foot… suddenly the intensity of a Mediterranean ramble draws you into its living canvas.

Having, by now, created his own quasi-mystical genre of a floating camera, wedding photographer and videographer George Avgousti take us on a mid-morning walk along the extremes of Chlorakas’ coastline.

Best enjoyed in full-screen mode to appreciate the glass-transparency of the coastal waters, shot through with turquoise and aquamarine, as well as the sea-eroded rocks and paths – both rough and paved, the walk rewards our patience with a delight of details.

There’s the lone runner whom we follow briefly at a generous distance, the tall, stately palms holding vigil on either side of the path, an abandoned pram on the side of the walkway, a brief (and disconcerting) flash of George himself and… in two bravura moments, our passage through the St. George Monument, and, a little later, head-first into a forest of beach umbrellas.

In a game of parallax and perspective, George ultimately achieves a remarkable twin feat – he both recreates the beauty of a real landscape, yet also, through his choice of framing and colour palette, succeeds in pushing reality into an almost hyper-real dimension.

To view more scenes of the island through George’s lens, or to book him directly for your special day, follow him via:

View the original video here.

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