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Images and views of alternative cinema return in festival

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More film screenings are arriving in Nicosia as the latest edition of the Images & Views of Alternative Cinema Film Festival brings exactly as it suggests – experimental and alternative cinematographic expression.

Since its first year, organisers and their associates have sought to showcase experimental cinema through a truly diverse programme, allowing audiences to come into contact with the work of different filmmakers, artistic movements and cinema trends. Their common denominator is the exploration of the aesthetic and formalistic possibilities of audio-visual art, experimentation, social and existential concerns and the questioning of academic film writing. Often, the festival combines film language with other forms of audio-visual expression, such as video-art and animations. Through its screenings, it seeks to create a forum for discussion and lectures while attempting to bring together film professionals, critics and theoreticians, artists, art lovers and friends of alternative cinema.

Though the festival is usually held every February, this year it will take place between June 7 and 13 at the outdoor space of the Hambis Printmaking Municipal Museum in Old Nicosia.

Several films, discussions and tributes make up the festival’s 2021 agenda through which viewers will have the unique opportunity to watch films very different from each other but with a common element of experimentation and exploring the limits of the art of cinema. Discover the programme on the festival’s official website:


Images & Views of Alternative Cinema Film Festival

Alternative film screenings and more. June 7-13. Hambis Printmaking Municipal Museum, old Nicosia. 8pm. Free. Above 18 years old only. Tel: 99-407856

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