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Coronavirus: Further relaxations of restrictions take effect (updated)


Further easing of Covid-19 restrictions are in place as from today due to the improved epidemiological picture in Cyprus.

For example, the number of people in home gatherings increases to a maximum of 20 people including permanent residents and minors.

Physical presence of persons in indoor areas, such as religious places of worship, casinos, conference and trade fair venues, theatres, amphitheatres and other performing arts venues is set at 50 per cent of the capacity of each venue. All persons must have a SafePass to enter.

Dining in indoor areas of restaurants and other establishments is allowed based on the health protocol. All group tutorials for children under 18 are also allowed, based on the health protocol.

Other social and extracurricular activities of children under 18 years of age are allowed as from today, with the presentation of a negative test result valid in the last 72 hours by all persons aged 12 years and over.

Regarding social and extracurricular activities of children under 18 years old in open spaces, there is an obligation for mandatory testing on a weekly basis by all persons aged 12 years.

Overnight curfew is in force from 0100 until 0500.

In a message on Twitter noting that further restrictions were being lifted, Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou said Cyprus was ‘moving towards normality, as the public’s sacrifices deliver results. And he added: “With vaccinations as our spear, we continue with vigilance and determination.”

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