Afternoon teachers in state schools will not give up until their demands are met, trade union Sek said during another protest by striking teachers on Wednesday morning.

Teachers working in state afternoon and evening schools and institutes started an indefinite strike in May, demanding proper contracts that give them access to unemployment benefits and holidays.

Wednesday’s protest, held outside the education ministry, was afternoon teachers’ latest action supporting their ongoing strike.

Despite the end of the school year, “our fight will continue until we are heard,” said George Constantinou, general secretary of public employee federation Oekdy Sek.

The strike was called after the finance ministry refused to give a clear answer on whether afternoon teachers will be given proper contracts, even though they expressed their willingness to work with the education ministry on a solution that would not disrupt classes or incur extra costs to the state.

Constantinou added that the strike could continue in September if teacher’s demands are not met by then, “but we are hoping that logic and justice will prevail”.

“We are sure we will be vindicated because we have no other choice, and the state should treat its employees legally and fairly,” he finally said.