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Why Malaysians should opt for electric cars

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Even though uptake of electric vehicles in Malaysian hasn’t been to the expected levels, the buyer tax incentive which is in the final stages will definitely lead to more purchases. In the coming months, buying a new electric vehicle will be more advantageous than buying traditional models.

With the government working on expanding EVs charging infrastructure, offering incentives on import duty, excise duty and sales tax, car buyers will benefit in many ways. The majority of auto dealers are stocking more EVs than before. A keen look at Wapcar – a Malaysian auto website – showed a longer list of hybrid and EVs than before.

Four reasons you should buy electric

By owning an electric car you not only protect the environment but you’ll also enjoy smooth and comfortable rides. Imagine charging your car at the next tall building in your residential area or spending less on charging than when filling up with petrol or diesel!

Here are the reasons for owning an electrical in the 21st century:

a) Buyer incentives

Via the webinar ‘A New Start for EV In Malaysia’, EV users (buyers) are informed on how to enjoy incentives. When it becomes operational, both electric vehicle importers and EV buyers will get handsome tax incentives.

Tax relief meant for the EV importers is likely to lower the price of electric cars. If this becomes a reality, these cars will be more affordable. Buyers will therefore indirectly benefit from seller incentives and directly from buyer incentives.

b) Wide option

The uptake of electric vehicles is gaining momentum and almost every vehicle seller has a considerable list of EVs for sale. Whether you love the sedan, hatchback, MPV or a sporty crossover, there is a new trim for you. Other than the wide choice of EVs, the competition among dealers is likely to push their prices lower.

With models like Nissan Leaf, BMW i3s and Porsche Taycan now available in Malaysia, car buyers have a wider option of electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Where to buy is no longer reserved for renown auto dealers. Walking the less known dealers, you’ll be surprised by the number and models of EVs on display.

c) Economical

The exorbitant prices for petrol and diesel have left many with no option but to opt for electric vehicles. While an electric vehicle is estimated to consume an average of 15 kWh/100 km, a gasoline engine is estimated at 5L/100 km. With the cost per kilowatt valued at 0.25 €, you’ll incur an annual cost of 560 €.

Cars that depend on petrol or diesel are more costly to fuel. At a price of 1.5€/L (Petrol), it will cost you 1,125 € every year to keep the car in motion.

d) Environmentally friendly

92% of Asia’s and Pacific population is exposed to health risk due to high levels of air pollution!

Everybody is feeling the impact of environmental degradation. With the main cause of air pollution being transportation engines, you should help in lowering the level of pollution by opting for electric vehicles.

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