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Erzbergrodeo: the hardest dirt bike race in the world

“There is hard enduro, but this is too hard…”

In this Red Bull video, we follow famed German enduro rider Mani Lettenbichler while the punishing Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble unfolds – the toughest enduro race in the motorcycle world.

Enduro is a type of dirt biking sport conducted on an extended cross-country terrain or off-road course. It typically consists of several challenges and obstacles that every participating biker needs to pass through, making the competition a truly savage feat of… endurance.

Here, we travel to Austria’s Erzberg, which, every other day of the year, is a functioning open-pit iron ore mine, but once a year serves as the location of one of the most amazing events in motorcycling. The four-day event culminates with the Erzbergrodeo, a nearly 35km race across boulders, up gravel hills, through deep mud and whatever other fiendish twist the organisers throw at the competitors.

Lettenbichler demonstrates just how extreme the event can be, and, if any doubts are left about the intensity of the challenge… typically more than 500 racers start and usually fewer than 20 make it to the finish.

View the original video here.

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