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Romantic things to do in Beaufort SC

romantic things to do in beaufort sc

Beaufort, SC, is naturally sentimental. Its historic downtown area is blotched with live oaks surrounded by Spanish moss that switch in the salty air and antebellum architecture. Yet, there exists real Southern hospitality, an attractive waterfront, and a laid-back vibe.

Walk hand in hand and visit historic downtown personally or, if you are a curious person who finds it fascinating to study while you visit places, visit with the spirit of old Beaufort. Walking tours exhibit celebrity gossip, architecture, and local history since Beaufort SC is popular with Hollywood, having used as a setting in many movies such as GI Jane, The Great Santini, Prince of Tides, Forrest Gump, The Big Chill, and many more. Various themes are provided for you to choose from, whether you prefer to walk or ride.

Visit the galleries and boutiques in historic downtown Beaufort, South Carolina. From T-shirts to antiques, olive oil to dog collars, real paintings to dried lavender, local foods to jewellery, there is something for everyone. Among the places, Rhett Gallery provides unframed and framed paintings with a collection of antique maps. Common Ground scoops gelato provides coffee drinks to order and other treats. Scout Southern Market possesses a sweet tea float bar in the back and provides the best of the south. Cook on Bay offers a list of kitchen gadgets and appliances such as a few locally made seafood tools. Nevermore Books provides books reserved for local authors. The Beaufort Association showcases works of above sixty-five artists. Finally, the Chocolate Tree provides more than sixty kinds of yummy treats and fine chocolates.

Beaufort River Tours

With the help of Beaufort River Tours, tourists board boats of various tour guides for sunset cruises. Tours leave from the downtown marina at Beaufort waterfront park, close to the inn. Relax and shot back as your legal captain guides you up the river. Enjoy the surrounding ecology, beautiful skies as the sun gradually sinks for the day, attractive views of Old Point, and wildlife. On the River Tours, visitors commonly see dolphins.

Sunset Cruise Beaufort SC

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  • Savannah Sunset Cruise
  • Vagabond Cruise
  • Harborview Charters
  • Mark’s Dolphin Adventure Tours
  • Bull River Marina
  • Captain Derek’s Dolphin Adventure

First time travellers to the US

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Beaufort SC Walking Tour

Beaufort SC is home to a few of the best storytellers available, so if you are interested in a real different experience and a remembrance you will admire in the future, don’t miss out on the chance to take a walking tour. Fun for tourists and locals alike are some of the most enlightening and perfect tours you will ever encounter. With a fondness for history and experiencing it with others, the guides will vividly retell the sensational stories that include the region’s five-hundred-year-old record. You will be informed of carnages, slaves, the Revolutionary War, a great fire, the fascinating tales of the relentless and brave people of Beaufort who lived throughout the years, Indian wars, pirates, planters wealthy beyond belief, the Civil War, and a disastrous hurricane.

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