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Nero: new exhibition challenges infamy of Roman ruler

In this video, curators Thorsten Opper and Francesca Bologna introduce an exhibition running presently at the British Museum, dedicated to Nero, a Roman emperor steeped in infamy.

The last male descendant of the emperor Augustus, Nero succeeded to the throne in AD 54 aged just 16 and died a violent death at 30. His turbulent rule saw chaotic events that include the Great Fire of Rome, Boudicca’s rebellion in Britain and the execution of his own mother and first wife.

Nevertheless, as the curators explain, the show challenges the traditional view of the emperor as a ruthless and eccentric tyrant, following the young ruler as he navigated a divided society and weathered formidable crises in the history of Rome.

The exhibition ‘Nero: the man behind the myth’ runs till October 24 at the British Museum, with more information regarding the show available here.

View the original video here.

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