The drug squad said Wednesday they arrested three people and seized 27 kilos of cannabis at Larnaca airport the previous day.

Police said two of the three men, aged 32 and 41, had their luggage searched by drug squad and customs officers after they received information about the importation of drugs through the airport.

The search revealed that one of the two was carrying 22 cannabis packages, weighing a total of 14 and a half kilos, while the other was carrying eight packages weighing 13 kilos.

After interrogating the two, authorities also arrested a 47-year-old man, who was the person supposed to receive and distribute the drugs in Cyprus.

The three men are now in custody, while the case is being further investigated by the drug squad.

Drug squad chief Michalis Katsounotos tweeted his congratulations to the officers who carried out the arrest.

“This was a new blow to the import and distribution of drugs in the country,” he said.

“27 kilos of cannabis were confiscated, and three people were arrested! Congratulations to my colleagues for their successful operation and their investigative work. We will carry on uninterrupted and undaunted.”