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The 12-year-old drawing prodigy inspired by wildlife

Hey kids, in this video we meet an inspiring 12-year-old whose artwork is riding a wave of fame and acclaim.

Auckland youngster Isabella Brazhnikova began drawing sea creatures as a four-year-old, and moved on to portraying all other animals, given her passion for wildlife. Her style can be characterised as ‘hyper-real’ – so real, in fact, that some people have doubted that she herself created the drawings.

So, to prove their originality and authenticity, Isabella today showcases her artworks on TikTok and Instagram, having till now amassed over 350,000 followers and millions of views.

“I want to show people how beautiful wildlife is and that it’s really unique, and we have to protect and love it,” she has said of her work.

View the original video here.

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