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I agree with archbishop’s plea to get the Covid vaccine

Archbishop Chrysostomos

Having ties to Cyprus, I read The Cyprus Mail, and I fully agree with the advice given in the article: “Archbishop again appeals to young to get jabbed” (July 18). I think that Archbishop Chrysostomos is wise in urging all young people who can do so, to get the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible.

I see both sides of this subject. Normally, even I would prefer that any vaccine be tested longer and more thoroughly. However, this is not a perfect world. We are in the midst of a global pandemic which has already killed a reported four million people worldwide. That death toll is roughly the equivalent of the entire populations of Rome, Italy and Dallas, Texas USA (combined) being wiped off the face of the earth.

Worst of all, new ‘variants’ of Covid-19 are proliferating and spreading.

Studies show that existing vaccines may not be enough and the variants might still strike people; yet the fatalities would be reduced. We have a known death-toll due to the Covid-jabs. However, there are very few (if any) reports of anyone dying from the jab alone.

The archbishop is right. Get a jab.

James Marples, Longview, Texas

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