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Two per cent positive means 98 per cent negative 

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My weekly heart and soul uplift thanks to Patroclos in the Cyprus Mail’s Coffeeshop every Sunday was special today (July 18) as it mirrored many of my comments.

The big delight was that Patroc shares my slant on the notion that if you paint a picture a certain way, you will get the result you seek. Rather than focus on the less than 2 per cent of cases tested positive showing more than 98 per cent negative, we, in Cyprus, declare a “surge” in cases of over 1000. Clever stuff to scare us into getting the vax but killing off any hope of tourist revival this year. Focus on the 66,000 negatives chaps and we might get a different review.

More news also leads us into the notion that the Vax is not providing the level of protection advertised. Even the UK health minister making a big show of his double jab in the spring has just gone down with the lurgy anyway! Laughable but very predictable. Don’t even get me started on HM Royal Navy bods. All vaccinated but big numbers went down after a nightstop!

Gordon I MacFarlaine

Oroklini, Larnaca

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