Police carried out more than 10,000 checks to make sure coronavirus restrictions were being properly adhered to on Friday and Saturday, it announced on Sunday.

In total 10.761 checks were carried out and 72 individuals and 16 businesses were charged for violating the measures.

A police statement said that most of the individuals were not wearing a mask in public places (such as squares, roads) or in vehicles.

The 16 business owners were charged for members of staff not wearing a mask, not having a SafePass, overcrowding indoors, customers standing, not having signs and others.

Among the 16, a total of nine were charged in Paphos, against three of whom a court case is being prepared.

“It is not humanly possible to control all establishments for which the possession of a SafePass is mandatory,” police said. “Each person in charge of each premises plays his own role and there should be a horizontal division of responsibility”.