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The government’s actions towards the unvaccinated reek of desperation

“If he who employs coercion against me could mould me to his purposes by argument, no doubt he would. He pretends to punish me because his argument is strong; but he really punishes me because his argument is weak.” – William Godwin

I came across this quote recently that seemed to fit the current Zeitgeist and made me think of the president and his minions hunkering down in the palace seeing how much more difficult they can make daily living for thousands of people who won’t do what they’re told.

At the beginning of the pandemic, like most people, I had faith in what the government was doing. When other countries were counting the deaths of people ‘with Covid’ as dying ‘from Covid’, our ministry was separating those who died from other conditions but happened to test positive. It was a good move. Tell the truth and you can’t go wrong… unless the truth will somehow damage your cause or agenda.

This trust lasted until the vaccine rollout and they suddenly began withholding and hiding information. Now, I am not willing to believe anything they say unless I see it with my own eyes. Above all, I refuse to be bullied, and there are many more people who feel the same.

It has nothing to do with being anti-vax or whatever other BS people throw at us. I may yet get a jab but it will be on my terms, not the government’s, and especially not after the way they’re treating their own citizens while allowing unvaxxed tourists get tested once a week during a ‘wave of a deadly strain’. Not buying it, sorry. If there was a real danger, they wouldn’t, couldn’t, in all conscience do this. But they have, and this tells you all you need to know about how trustworthy this government is, deposit haircuts and passport sales aside. Why is it ok for visitors to be tested only once a week but locals every 72 hours?  The only reason is coercion.

There’s no need to even read an anti-vax or pro-vax websites to argue any of the well-trodden narratives from either side. Who cares any more. All people need to do is trust their own instinct. Some think something doesn’t smell right. Others don’t. So what? The important thing is that everyone is allowed to think what ever they like even if they don’t say it out loud. But it seems that even thinking what you want is no longer a basic human right. It must be groupthink or nothing. The Borg hive mind or ostracisation.

The government’s current actions towards the unvaccinated reek of desperation. Is it because they spent so much on the vaccines, they must use them up? Who knows? The contracts between the EU and the jab makers are so heavily redacted there is no way to tell, page after page in nothing but fashionable grey. Don’t you just love all the transparency from the body that’s constantly slapping member states on the wrist over their lack of transparency? Or, maybe our guys have been given a vax quota by the EU as a condition for the recovery and resilience cash? You never know… and you will never know ok Citizen Pleb?

As for constantly shifting goalposts. Herd immunity was to be 60-70 per cent, our virology guru said last year. We’re well past that. Then he upped it to over 80 per cent. He does not believe in natural herd immunity (CM interview last year) only in ‘vaccine herd immunity’. But he’s off the scientific team you say? Officially maybe, but he was the one who publicly suggested the unjabbed be made to test every 72 hours and some days later, hey presto.

That was probably just a coincidence, like the fact that our guru did his post-doctoral research at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Centre in the US (Google is a thing, use it). This centre is primarily funded by the Gates Foundation, which as we know has nothing at all to do with flogging vaccines. And that’s enough tinfoil hatting because we’re sure the media and the fact checkers will get right on this to bring you the real truth, which is that ‘there are many, many, many, many organisations and media outlets around the world funded by the Gates Foundation so nothing to see here, move along’.

Bill: Thanks fact checkers. I knew I could count on you.
Fact checkers: Sure thing Bill, looking forward to your next donation.

In early March 2020 when Covid started to become a thing, at some point it hit me that governments would have the power to do anything they wanted from then on. Damn my suspicious mind. I was called a conspiracy theorist, naturally, when I talked about vaccine passports a couple of months later. Well, here we are.

I just want our president to know that from that moment, I started preparing for what we’re seeing now and spent the past year stocking up. I can live without food shopping for probably a year, maybe more, so you Mr Anastasiades can keep your SafePass. I’ll use it on rare occasions when it suits me, not you, even if I have one on hand for work purposes. Maybe sanity will return in a year’s time but probably not.

Unvaccinated people are railing against losing their ‘freedoms’ and the other side is psychotically gleeful about their plight, altogether a nasty situation that solves nothing. Real freedom is a state of mind. It’s not allowing your spirit to be broken, and it’s being true to yourself.

The people who got vaxxed did what they thought was the right thing for them or for someone else’s sake. Good for them. I would probably have done the same if I had thought it was necessary for me or my family. As they’re not here, I will cross that bridge when I come to it in my own good time and if I feel it is necessary.

Some rabid pro-vaxxers accuse the unvaccinated of trying to push their agenda on them. Rubbish. The lack of self-awareness is staggering and as usual it’s just projection. They’re the ones pushing an agenda. Most unvaccinated people – as opposed to anti-vaxxers – don’t have an agenda. They just want to be left alone. What’s the nefarious agenda then? To somehow unvaxx you after you had the jab?

Star Trek’s Spock is famous for saying ‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’. Someone threw that at me recently, a vaxxed person, who unlike me, doesn’t get tested. You know who else said the same thing, just slightly differently? Yes, Adolf Hitler. ‘The common good before the individual good.’

That ended well right?

It’s not about the jab. It’s about the coercion.  Where else have we heard similar quotes lately? Coming out of every politician’s mouth, everywhere, every day and that’s more frightening than any jab because that kind of rhetoric can be used to make good people do bad things to wrongthinkers and convince themselves it’s justified. It starts with mockery, then insults, then arguments, then cutting off ties. History has shown where it could easily end.

SK, Nicosia

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