The University of Cyprus will operate a walk-in centre for the vaccination of its students and staff as of Thursday, it announced on Tuesday.

The university said the operation of the walk-in aims at increasing vaccination coverage, especially among the student community, ahead of the start of courses in September following the decision of the Senate that classes will take place in situ rather than online.

The vaccinations are for people who have not yet received the first dose of a vaccine.

The walk-in centre will operate at the social activities centre at the university campus, between 10am and 12pm.

Those wishing to get vaccinated need to present their ID, or passport or alien registration certificate.

Rector Tasos Christofides called on students and staff to seize the opportunity to ensure health and the smooth return to university, classes, normality and so new students can be welcomed face to face.

“We listen to and trust science,” Christofides said, adding now is the time “for individual and collective responsibility.”

Members of the university community can express interest through