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Addressing bitcoin concerns- What experts say about Bitcoin

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By accepting Bitcoin, companies like Tesla, PayPal, and Visa have caused a surge in its price. Today, Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that almost everybody wants to own. Wealthy investors that ignored this cryptocurrency at first are now rushing to purchase it. However, some individuals have concerns about this digital currency. And these could hinder them from buying Bitcoin.

Since its inception, the value of this electronic currency has kept increasing. Some people argue that Bitcoin price will hit the $100,000 mark, then $150,000, and eventually $200,000. What almost everybody doesn’t know is the time Bitcoin will take to hit these marks. It could be three years, a decade, or even more. However, Bitcoin enthusiasts are optimistic that the value of this cryptocurrency will keep rising.

With all this hype, many people are rushing to platforms like to buy this digital currency. These platforms allow individual and institutional investors to purchase Bitcoin using their fiat money. However, some individuals are unsure whether investing in Bitcoin is a wise financial move. At the same time, Bitcoin creates several concerns.

For instance, some individuals worry about a Bitcoin bubble. A significant portion of investors thinks investing in Bitcoin is too risky, while others fear their fraud susceptibility. Luckily, financial and fintech experts are trying to address these concerns.

Bitcoin risks for average investors

Bitcoin is undoubtedly a highly volatile investment. Thus, it’s a risky asset to invest in compared to most traditional investments. The historical Bitcoin price show occasions when its value spiked before crashing down very quickly. But this volatility creates an opportunity for an average investor to earn significant returns from their investment. Similarly, it can be a short duration of making substantial losses. That’s why some investors liken a Bitcoin investment to gambling. Thus, they advise individuals to invest what they can lose, and life goes on.

The safety of Bitcoin wallets

Hackers have compromised Twitter accounts of celebrities like Barack Obama, Joe Bidden, and Elon Musk before. And this prompts many people to wonder about the safety of Bitcoin wallets. Essentially, people invest a lot of their hard-earned money in Bitcoin. That means criminals can transfer a lot of money into their accounts if they hack Bitcoin wallets.

In the past, people have reported fraud and theft around Bitcoin wallets. However, most of these cases are due to the negligence of the crypto wallet users. Bitcoin enables individuals to transact anonymously or without disclosing personal identity or information. But a Bitcoin transaction is not entirely anonymous because a digital public ledger records the details.

A user’s Bitcoin wallet appears like a unique series of letters and numbers. And this can help in tracing a scammer. What’s more, blockchain technology makes Bitcoin challenging to hack. That’s because hacking Bitcoin means taking control over this network. And taking over this network means owning the computers that run in it 24/7. Hijacking this system will cost billions of dollars.

Ease of converting Bitcoin to fiat money

Most people complete Bitcoin transactions by converting it to fiat money like the Euro and U.S dollar. When most people say they accept Bitcoin payment, they mean they can convert it to fiat currency. So far, transferring Bitcoin and converting it to a different currency is a time-consuming and clunky process.

However, people are eventually embracing Bitcoin, increasing places where you can spend your tokens. Finally, people might not want to convert Bitcoins to fiat currencies because they can easily spend their tokens to pay for services and goods. What’s more, Bitcoin transaction costs are relatively low. Sending Bitcoin between crypto wallets is almost instant. And these aspects prompt more people to embrace this electronic currency.

Final thoughts

Bitcoin is a relatively new invention. Many people aren’t knowledgeable about it, and some feel confused about how it works. Some individuals have concerns that experts sought to explain. Nevertheless, this cryptocurrency’s adoption is increasing, and people could eventually use it alongside fiat money.

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