The health ministry on Friday announced clarifications for the procedure for pregnant women who are not recommended to be vaccinated for medical reasons need to make to be able to get free rapid tests.

As of August 8, only pregnant women who obtain approval from the ad hoc committee of the Cyprus Medical Association and the ministry of health can avail of free rapid tests under the ministry’s programme.

They must submit a request to the ad hoc committee, following the same procedure as those who, for any medical documented reason cannot be vaccinated. They need to provide all necessary medical certificates from their gynaecologist.

According to the health ministry they should duly fill out the relevant form and send it to the email address [email protected] enclosing all the necessary documents mentioned therein, as well as the medical report from their gynaecologist.

Gynaecologists are urged to ensure that they fully document the recommendation, based on the scientific database and in accordance with the information and guidelines the Cyprus Medical Association has sent to its members.

Only applications filled out properly and accompanied by the necessary documentation will be considered.

Pregnant women, who do not hold this approval from the ad hoc committee will not be served by the rapid testing units of the health ministry and will also have to get tested, at their own expense at private clinical laboratories or pharmacies for SafePass purposes.