Many practise yoga to find inner peace and connection but what if we used this ancient discipline to find peace and unity with others? A multi-communal yoga event for everyone is coming up on August 26 organised by various local groups. With an aim of bringing Cypriots and lovers of Cyprus together, the yoga event will take place both physically and online so that people from all over the island can join without limitations and restrictions.

This island-wide yoga event will bring people together for an hour of breathing, meditation and yoga with a focus on healing, forgiveness, and unity. The session will be free and accessible to all ability levels as the event aims to be for all ages, bodies and backgrounds.

“We want to bring everyone together for a few moments of peace and unity,” say the organisers and they hope that a peaceful yoga session will be a simple yet effective way to become more in tune with ourselves and others around us is by breathing and moving together. The class is to be a diverse session with many different ways to participate.

The main event will be hosted in the buffer zone (as it is supported by the Home for Cooperation) but for everyone participating it will broadcast through Zoom and Facebook live on the Realistic Relaxation with Samin page so that anyone can join. All you need is to join at 7pm with your yoga mat.

Alternatively, there will be designated locations all over the island where people will be able to practice together. These locations will be organised by groups that support peace and unification and if someone is interested in hosting, they should get in touch with the organisers via the Facebook event (Yoga for Peace and Reconciliation). Otherwise, join online or gather with some friends from different communities to practice together – in your backyard, your favourite beach, or your grandmother’s garden.

Yoga for Peace and Reconciliation

Free yoga event to bring all communities together. August 26. 7pm. Broadcast live on Zoom and Facebook Live. Organised by Realistic Relaxation with Samin, Bicommunal Network of Cypriot Youth and others. Free