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Organic fruit spread withdrawn from the market

bad food spread

The health ministry on Tuesday announced that a brand of organic food spread was being withdrawn from the market as it contains a preservative that was not listed as it should have been.

The product, ‘Rizes’ organic strawberry fruit spread contains E 220-sulfur dioxide, without being listed as “sulfur dioxide or sulphites”, which is in violation of the provisions food labelling legislation, the ministry said.

It said sulfur dioxide and sulfites at concentrations above 10 mg/kg are allergens and can cause health problems in people who are allergic to them.

Brand name: Rizes

Batch number: LOT A 220521

Net weight: 230 g

Time display: 05/2023

Manufacturer: Rizes Greek Delicatessen / Greece

The health services have already informed the company that distributes the product in question in the Cypriot market, with instructions for immediate withdrawal of all quantities of the specific batch.

However, because some of this batch may already be in the possession of consumers, they are urged to avoid consuming it and return it to the places where they bought it.


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