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Developments under way

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There are so many developments in the works on the island that in a few years there will be numerous options to keep those living here happy and busy.

Here are some of the projects that might interest active locals:

  • We already have four golf courses operating, though all in Paphos regrettably. But there are four serious applicants to build more, so even if we are to green light two more within the next few years, a total of six would be quite satisfactory, bearing in mind the small distances
  • The marinas are under way, though only the Limassol one has been completed. The sale of the apartments and the beach villas has been quite successful. We await the Larnaca marina, which is currently under development, and the Ayia Napa one is expected to be fully operational next year – the marina itself is ready and operational but the various units are still under construction. The Paralimni marina is expected to be operational in two years’ time. Plans for the Paphos marina have gone nowhere. The various fishing harbours are also under way. The Zygi harbour, which was recently completed, is an attraction, as is the Four Seasons one in Ayios Theodoros.The Latchi harbour is being expanded, whereas we are waiting to see if the Pissouri marina will even happen
  • A number of UK universities are interested in setting up branches here. Two very large UK universities are in negotiations as they search for suitable properties. This will give a boost to the economy providing alternatives to all sorts of people including foreign students
  • The casino is coming sooner or later next year
  • Water dams are being considered as places to be used for recreational activities and sports. The objections of the Water Development Department are being reconsidered now that we are in financial trouble and allowing sailing, rowing and other sports to take place is possible
  • Though the snow in the mountains is far from satisfactory, there is a short period of time every year when skiing or snow boarding can happen. It has been decreasing dramatically though, compared to the levels of 10 years ago when international ski games took place. Let’s hope somem snow does continue
  • As Cyprus becomes closer to Israel through politics and energy policies, it could be that Israeli hospitals are set up here to serve locals as well as Arabs (who will not visit Israel) as well as others. Negotiations are pending on an Israeli hospital in Nicosia, but nothing is definite at this point in time
  • Our nature trails and cycling routes are improving considerably in all areas and municipalities. From the Paralimni seaside footpath to that of Peyia, many such projects are being executed in the form of linear parks to the delight of walkers and cyclists. Have you visited the Trooditissa-Phini route? The one-hour downhill walk features a waterfall and is well worth a visit. Similar routes exist in many other locations.
  • We await other mainly infrastructural projects, such as the Limassol-Lania/Saittas road, the new Nicosia-Koutrafas road, the Paphos-Polis road and so on, which will reduce travelling time for visitors, making the enjoyment of the countryside easier.
  • Desalination plants and the treatment of sewage water are a great help when it comes to the water situation, limiting water waste, providing water for agriculture and helping the environment.

For those of us who will be around in a few years and still active, the quality of life in Cyprus is expected to change for the better. Keep your fingers crossed!


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