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Five simple wedding cake ideas to delight guests

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Cakes are undoubtedly the sweetest part of a wedding. While wedding cakes are a delicious finish to a party, the complete process from preparation to end is filled with immense drama and experimentation. There are few things, however, that are entirely relaxing like picking ideas through photographs of sumptuous tiered masterpieces adorned with sugar flowers. Instead, try our recommendations for wedding cakes.

If you are a first-timer in the kitchen, baking can be overwhelming. Since the majority of wedding cake bakers are truly artists, not just dessert experts, they create culinary works of art that amaze every guest. You don’t have to create a marvel, it needn’t be as stunning as the moissanite engagement rings you picked or a fancy gown you have imagined. A simple yet appealing cake would be enough to impress your partner (and of course the guests).

With that being said, here are some quick wedding cake ideas to jumpstart with

  1. Floral wedding cakes
    Flower cakes are one of the most timeless wedding cakes. These can be coupled with natural flower elements to get the most creatively. Or you can choose edible colours to create a depiction of nature like olive branches, ornate, or floral decoration. Here are some ideas-
  • A blend of Orange and blue branches
  • Tropical design
  • Elegant ombre
  1. Sculptural wedding cakes
    The cake serves as the canvas for creating sculpture. Being the artist yourself, you can turn the confection into a multifaceted, eye-catching dessert that will be the highlight of your wedding day menu. After all, it’s the day that you don’t have to limit how you feel or express yourself, and your wedding cake can be the most astonishing way to reflect what is in your heart.
  • Staircase inspired cake
  • Tropical cake
  1. Tiered wedding cakes

Tiered wedding cakes have become a centerpiece for minimonies, micro weddings, and even elopements. However, this should not prevent you from ignoring this incredible cake choice. You don’t need to serve tiered wedding cakes to woo your friends. Some fabulous decoration and a hint of vibrant colour would do the trick. To steal the show, make sure the cake is sweet yet colourful. A nice burst of orange can add an extra bit of energy to your cake.

  1. Colourful wedding cakes
    Bring it on with the bright colours. Couples are shifting away from the blush and all-white color palettes that ruled supreme for a few years, according to the Knot 2021 Real Weddings Study, and instead choosing strong colour schemes. Make the most of your wedding cake design incorporating a colour scheme resonating with your personal touch and preferences. Here are some cool recommendations
  • Totally teal colour cake
  • Bold black cake
  1. Minimalist wedding cakes
    The ancient saying “less is more” holds true here. These pared-down cake designs show that simple, minimalist designs may still be visually stunning and appealing. If you’re scared that a modern cake won’t create a buzz, remember to put your faith in your skills or the professionals you chose to complete the job. At the end of the day, the cake will be the cornerstone of a mouthwatering feast for the day.
  • Most minimalist cake
  • Subtle pink cake 

Wrapping up

Crafting your own wedding cake by designing and baking it yourself gives you a chance to realise your dreams and fulfill them in the most dramatic sense. You can live with them without having to regret it later. And being in the driving seat, you can shuffle across multiple cake flavours, designs, themes, and decorations. It is all up to you. And finally, the guests will be there to taste the terrific wedding cake after you finally say – ‘I do’

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