Two men with coronavirus were arrested late on Thursday after they were found driving in Limassol with illegal drugs in their possession.

The arrests occurred as part of police patrols, when officers signalled a car to stop using a blue light and siren.

According to police, the driver of the car reversed and turned into a secondary road after hitting the pavement.

Officers also said they saw the passenger throwing an object outside the window of the car.

The car stopped after crashing into a parked car.

When police approached them, the driver, 26, and the passenger, 27, both said they had tested positive for Covid-19 and remained in the car.

Following a search, police discovered the object that was thrown out of the car was a package that contained about 27 grammes of cannabis.

Police said the driver handed over another four grammes of cannabis as well as €3,190 in cash.

They were both arrested but remained in the car, while the drug squad and traffic police also arrived at the scene.

After a communication with the health ministry’s contact tracing team, police confirmed that the 27-year-old had tested positive for coronavirus on September 9 and the younger driver on September 10.

Police said the suspects were released and will be called in the station at a later stage.