Author Guy Cools and dancer Lia Haraki come together in collaboration this coming week for an event at Theatro Polis OPAP in Nicosia, during which they will engage in a conversation about their mutual interest in embodied lamentation as a process of transformation, the importance of mourning rituals in future times of ecological catastrophes and how the loss of their fathers led them to create moving performances of a humorous nature.

In his new book on laments, Guy Cools explores cultural habits, traditions, rituals, and artists’ performances in a poetic, meandering, personal way. His narrative looks into many forms of laments: literary, anthropological, philosophical and contemporary art practices. The latter part delves into artistic strategies to address or embody mourning: dialogical strategies that deal with personal losses; collective mourning rituals and how they invite communities to witness these losses; contemporary examples of laments that are not only used to dialogue with the dead but also to communicate with loved ones who are absent.

Belgian dramaturge Cools and choreographer/performer Haraki have been working together since 2005.

The event takes place as a parallel activity of the piece A Future To Die For which will premiere in October in the framework of the programme Τerpsichore 2021 of the ministry of education.

A Conversation and a Book Launch

Collaboration between Guy Cools and Lia Haraki. September 21. Theatro Polis OPAP, Nicosia. 7.30pm. Free.