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Civil servants seek legal framework for teleworking

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Some advisors support the return of remote working for vulnerable groups

Civil servants’ union Pasydy said on Monday they would like teleworking to be regulated in the public sector just as it is in the private one.

The union said that now that dialogue has started for a legal framework for teleworking in the private sector, the same ought to be done for the public sector as well.

Pasydy submitted its suggestions to the ministers of labour and finance arguing that the introduction of teleworking in the public service in the midst of the pandemic and especially during lockdown periods, has proved to be “not only achievable but also effective, without affecting the quality of the work produced”.

“Our organisation considers that the benefits from the implementation of teleworking are many and important not only under emergency conditions, such as the health crisis we are experiencing now, but also under normal circumstances and therefore it is necessary to regulate it in the public service as well,” a Pasydy spokesperson said.

“During the lockdowns, after all, it turned out that civil servants have the ability to work via teleworking, without this affecting the quality of the work produced,” the spokesperson said, adding that any difficulties that were initially identified have now been addressed and resolved.

The union also argued that the adoption of teleworking will primarily contribute to the broader goal set by the government for the modernisation of the public service using technology.

“At the same time, the implementation of such flexible forms of employment has a positive impact on society at large, as they contribute to the balance of family and professional life,” it added.

It also said that reducing the need for travel to and from the workplace would reduce the environmental impact of the use of public transport and vehicles in general, and it could be the solution to the intense and intractable traffic problem.



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