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Hellenic Bank to lead the Green Economy Transition

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Department specialized in the ESG triptych (Environment, Social, Governance) and sustainability issues, Hellenic Bank offers the green option.

Recognizing the very close link between the prosperity of the country and sustainable development, Hellenic Bank continues to lead the way, with a specialized department on issues of sustainability and ESG guiding the transition to a green economy.

Hellenic Bank invests in sustainable development and plans its actions with consistency, reducing its environmental footprint and contributing to social welfare and corporate governance (ESG).

As a leading banking institution in Cyprus, Hellenic Bank looks forward to becoming a key ambassador in the rapid transition to the Green Economy, which constitutes one of the five main pillars of the national Plan for Recovery and Resilience (PRR).

Aiming for a green and sustainable future and reversing the effects of climate change, Hellenic Bank is committed to green and social financing of businesses, offering quality options and solutions.

By promoting responsible and sustainable banking, through the adoption of environment, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria, Hellenic Bank will offer products and comprehensive services with advice and incentives to its customers, to improve their environmental record through sustainability measures.

Environmental protection guides every aspect of Hellenic Bank’s operations through the implementation of sustainable operating practices, financing companies’ green initiatives and participating in a series of green activities. It is worth noting that Hellenic Bank was the first bank in Cyprus to join the Priceless Planet Coalition, an environmental initiative under the auspices of Mastercard, in which leading banking institutions from around the world participate. In this context, it proceeded to issue eco-cards, using materials from the Mastercard Catalogue of Sustainable Materials.

At the same time, it finances renewable energy production projects, applying social and environmental risk assessment criteria throughout the new financing approval process, while constantly working to reduce its carbon footprint by designing environmentally friendly buildings and implementing programmes that promote the reduction of paper, water and electricity consumption.

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