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Coronavirus: Public praised for role in ECDC upgrade

julissa vasquez, 23, receives a coronavirus disease (covid 19) vaccination as part of a vaccine drive by the fernandeno tataviam band of mission indians in arleta, los angeles

Cyprus’ recent upgrading by the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) to orange was the result of the huge effort made by the overwhelming majority of the population in the past few months to improve the country’s epidemiological condition, Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas said on Monday.

“Utilising all available scientific resources and displaying personal and collective responsibility, we are seeing a reduction in epidemiological and hospitalisation numbers,” the minister said in a written statement.

The minister said Cyprus has managed to cover 80 per cent of its adult population with at least one dose of a Covid vaccine, which led to the gradual drop in the number of infections and hospitalisations and deaths.

“At the same time, the adherence of the overwhelming majority of people to personal protection measures and hygiene protocols has contributed to the containment of the virus’ spread,” he said.

In recent days, no large transmission chains have been seen, despite the daily infection rate, which remains in the (low) triple digits.

The improved situation is also reflected in Cyprus’ ranking among European states and raises optimism for the difficult winter days that lie ahead, he said.

“Remaining vigilant, our objective is to remain stable and improve our epidemiological condition further. Complacency can reverse the situation at any moment and endanger the health system,” Hadjipantelas said.


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