Two people aged 21 and 22 have been remanded for three days, and a third person for five days by the Paphos court on suspicion of forgery and impersonation as they tried to leave the country through Paphos airport.

Another 33-year-old man was also arrested in Paphos for illegal stay.

According to police, during the check at passport control a man attempted to leave for France with a French ID card, which police determined was forged. Interrogated, he provided his real name and said he was 21 years old.

Investigations with the asylum service revealed the 21-year-old was an applicant for political asylum, whose application is under consideration and therefore he was residing legally in the Republic.

In the second case a 22-year-old woman flying to Paris, presented a Congolese passport and residence permit in France, which were genuine, but she was not the person in the documentation.

During questioning, she told police she was 22 years old from Congo and she arrived in Cyprus a year ago through the north and crossed to the south of the island.

In the third case, again for a flight to France, a woman presented a French ID card but officers determined the card was forged. The 18-year-old, it turned out had submitted an application for asylum in November last year, which is still under consideration. She was remanded for five days.

The fourth arrest involved man aged 33 who was arrested in Paphos for illegally staying in Cyprus after being rejected for international protection. He is to be deported.