Cyprus is experiencing an uptick in positive infections after months of steady decline, as the two-week cumulative diagnosis rate of Covid-19 stands at 204.4 per 100,000.

This is up on the national report of two weeks ago, covering September 28 to October 11, which found that the rate was 151.5.

The health ministry’s latest report also details that the 10-19 and 30-39 age groups are experiencing higher rates of infections.

The data, compiled primarily from October 10 to October 23, highlighted that 1,815 cases were identified during that period by means of 66,032 PCR tests and 653,247 rapid tests (73,563 rapid tests per 100,000 of the population).


As for hospitals, the report stated: “The median age of patients diagnosed until October 23 and still hospitalised… is 67 years… 28 cases (62.2 per cent) still hospitalised have comorbidities.”

However, it did not detail whether those who have died from had underlying conditions or their vaccination status Covid-19.

Hospitalisations remain stable, and, while no longer decreasing at a swift pace, are still far off the heights as seen in May when 300 Covid-19 patients were hospitalised – compared to the 54 currently (seven-day average).

As of October 25, there were 60 hospitalisations with a median age of 67 of whom 56.7 per cent were male. Two fifths of Covid-19 patients were from Nicosia.

But as for those testing positive, the ministry emphasised that the 10-19 age group is experiencing a heightened number of infections. Of the 1,815 cases since October 10, 27.6 per cent were identified amongst the 0-19 age group, with 60.3 per cent in the 20-59 group, and 12.2 per cent in those aged 60 and above.

The ministry added that as of October 23 “570 Covid-19 associated deaths were reported… case fatality rate 0.5 per cent.”

The associated mortality rate is 64.2 per 100,000.