Limassol municipality issued a strongly worded statement on Monday warning businesses not to impede or interfere with access to public spaces, specifically mentioning pavements, parking spaces and public squares.

It is not immediately clear if any specific event prompted the warning from the municipality, but it said many roadside parking spots are “claimed” by businesses – often placing ‘only for customers’ signs on the pavement.

“These [parking spots] have been implemented to serve everyone and in no situation is it permitted for their use to be claimed or limited by businesses,” the municipality said.

It further stated that it has witnessed “unacceptable” behaviour by businesses – namely cafés, bars and restaurants – whereby they obstruct access to public spaces.

While the municipality did not elaborate further, it is common practice for such businesses to place chairs and tables across the pavement, often completely taking over parts of the road.

The statement concluded by noting that the municipality will remove such obstructions and will take measures against those breaking the law.