Police said Tuesday they have charged a 54-year-old man with lighting a fire and making threats, after he was reported for setting fire to a field outside Nicosia on Sunday.

Officers went to the scene after being notified that a man had set fire to a field in Paliometoho at around 4pm on Sunday.

People also accused the man of threatening them after they told him to stop. The man also verbally abused two individuals, police said.

The fire, which burned one decare of dry grass, was put out by the fire service.

The man, who had been carrying a shotgun and a number of rounds, was summoned to Kokkinotrimithia police station where he denied any involvement.

Police charged him with lighting the fire and issuing threats and abuse.

The shotgun was examined, and it was determined that he was the registered owner. It was also found that he had a valid hunting permit and the area where the incident happened was open for hunting.