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Traffic cameras: police answer driver questions

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Photo: Christos Theodorides

Amid warnings from officials that at the current rates of violations being recorded by newly installed traffic cameras many drivers will end up losing their licences, police on Tuesday issued a Q&A on the system to help acclimatise drivers with the new state of affairs.

Q: Why were the cameras installed

The aim of the new traffic camera system is the reduction of serious and fatal road collisions.

It also focuses on changing drivers’ behaviour and adherence to the traffic code.

Q: When will the cameras be installed and operate?

Four fixed and four mobile cameras will be installed for the pilot phase. The pilot phase will last until December 31, during which period only warnings will be sent. After that, another 16 mobile and another 20 fixed cameras will be installed. Another 66 fixed cameras will be installed after that, within 12 months from the delivery of phase one.

Q: How many cameras will be installed in total?

Ninety fixed cameras will be installed at 30 locations and there will be another 20 mobile cameras on tripods either in or outside vehicles.

Q: Will drivers know if there are cameras?

There will be a warning sign before the location of a mobile or fixed camera informing drivers.

Q: What is the speed limit for every road?

The speed limit is:

50kph in residential areas or where so signposted

65kph where signposted

80kph on faster circulation roads or where signposted.

100kph on the motorway

Q: How many cameras will operate as of October 25?

As of October 25, 2021, there will be four fixed traffic lights in operation on the junction of Demosthenis Severis and Grivas Dighenis in Nicosia. In addition, there will be four mobile cameras in operation throughout Cyprus and these will be installed in residential areas, the secondary road network and motorways.

Q: When will bookings start?

From January 1, 2022

Q: What violations will the cameras record?

The violations to be recorded by the traffic cameras are:

  • Speeding,
  • Jumping a red light,
  • Violating the compulsory stop line at junctions monitored by traffic cameras

Q: Will other violations also be recorded?

Yes, when the system identifies any of the violations below, these will be recorded:

  • Not wearing a seat belt
  • Motorcyclists not wearing a helmet.
  • Driving without free hands (mobile phone or other object)

Q: When a vehicle is within the controlled junction on a green light and then the vehicle moves to the right, will this be recorded as a violation when the red light goes on?


Q: Will there be a flash so that I know that I have committed a violation?

When there is a violation, a flash will go on (red or white) and this may or may not be noticed.

Q: Will violations be booked during the pilot phase?

Up to December 31 warning letters will be sent but no fines.

Q: How were the locations for the cameras chosen?

After a study, some locations emerged as ‘black’ dangerous spots where fatal or serious traffic collisions occur, and these were selected to install the cameras.

Q: How will a driver found to be in violation be informed?

When a violation is recorded, a registered out-of-court fine will be sent by post to the owner of the vehicle. If the owner cannot be found, the fine will be delivered by an authorised bailiff or by police.

If the owner of the vehicle was not the driver, they must inform police who the driver was within 15 days.

The owner must complete and submit to the contractor company part B of the out-of-court fine, with the full details of the driver. If the driver accepts, they must pay the fine.

Q: How long is given for the fine to be paid?

The fine must be paid within 30 days, otherwise the sum will increase by half, and it can be paid within 45 days.

After the 45 days, the case will refered to court.

Payment of the fine will mean that the penalty points cited on the notification have been accepted.

The fine can be paid online on the police website or through a payments provider selected by the Republic (JCC).

Q: Can the fine be paid in instalments?


Q: Can there be an extension to pay the fine?

No. The law does not provide for extensions for payment.

Q: Are there violations for which an out-of-court fine will not be issued, and the driver will have to appear in court?

Yes, when:

(a) The penalty points exceed the limit

(b) The speed is more than 75 per cent over the permitted limit

(c) The driver does not have a driver’s licence or has been stripped of the right to hold or to acquire a licence

(d) The driver’s licence does not match that required to drive the specific vehicle they were spotted driving

Q: What happens when the driver cannot be located by the post office?

If the driver cannot be found by the post office to take delivery of the registered letter (form F276F), then this is returned to the contracting company and the company’s bailiff will make two efforts to find the driver and hand over the fine.

If again the driver cannot be found, police will try to do so.

Q: Will the owner have access to the company’s website

The owner can have access to the webpage ( so as to see the photo of their vehicle and the driver committing the traffic violation at the time of the violation, as well as other information that concern the violation.

For further information, the public can telephone 80008009.

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