People aged 50 and over who received the Janssen anti-coronavirus vaccine can receive a booster jab only through the walk-in vaccination centres, the health ministry said on Friday.

The decision was part of the announcement explaining the procedure for the administration of booster shots.

According to the ministry, people aged 50 and over who received the one-dose Janssen shot are eligible for a booster dose after six months, only at the walk-in vaccination centres and with an mRNA vaccine.

The ministry explained that booster jabs for people who received Pfizer or Moderna shots will be administered using the same vaccine, while those who received Janssen and AstraZeneca will be able to also have an mRNA shot.

Meanwhile people aged 18 and older who have diabetes are also eligible for the booster vaccine, as well as people aged 50 and over as long as six months have passed since the administration of the most recent dose of the anti-covid jab.

The health ministry said the vaccination portal is already available for appointment arrangements, while eligible people may also visit the walk-in vaccination centres.

Gesy beneficiaries can visit the walk-ins from 8am to 1pm, while on Fridays those not registered in the scheme can get their jabs, the ministry said.

All beneficiaries must present their vaccination card and identification documents on the day of appointment for the third dose.

Instructions for the administration of the booster shots to people with severe obesity will be announced in the coming days, the ministry added.