A 38-year-old man who crashed his car through the window of a taxi office in Limassol in an alleged attempt to kill another man aged 47, was remanded by the court for eight days on Sunday.

The suspect was arrested on Saturday after the 3am incident that saw him allegedly run down the victim deliberately after revving up. The victim had been standing outside the taxi office on Makarios Avenue at the time. An employee inside the office only escaped injury by ducking to the back of the office.

The 47-year-old victim was taken by ambulance to Limassol hospital where he is receiving surgery for multiple broken bones in his legs.

Limassol CID chief Lefteris Kyriacou said on Saturday that in his statement, the victim said he didn’t know the assailant.

Police also received information that while partying at a taverna on Friday night, the brother of the arrested man had been involved in a fight with the owner of the taxi office, reports said.

The court on Sunday heard that the suspect was claiming that it was all an accident and he did not intend to crash into the taxi office.

But the court granted the eight-day remand to allow police time to investigate whether it was a case of attempted murder.