Early ‘general elections’ in the north will take place on January 23, it was announced on Monday.

According to reports in the north, ‘parliament president’ Onder Sennaroglu, announced that all parties agreed that the ‘elections’ would take place on January 23.

A committee will be set up, with participation from all parties, to discuss amendments to the election and voting law to change the mixed voting system.

The north’s new ‘prime minister’ Faiz Sucuoglu announced the new ‘cabinet’ after being given the mandate to form a new, interim ‘government’ following his election as head of the National Unity Party (UBP). Sucuoglu formed a new coalition with the Democratic Party (DP) until the January vote.

Presenting on Monday the programme of his administration, Sucuoglu reiterated the Turkish side’s position on a two-state solution to the Cyprus problem instead of a federal one.

He said the Turkish Cypriot side wants to start negotiations aimed at cooperation between two states on the island, based on both equal sovereignty and international recognition.

Sucuoglu also said that they would be continuing efforts to promote and explain the new policy on Cyprus with the support of the Turkish foreign ministry.

He also stated that the proposals of the Turkish Cypriot side for the joint management of hydrocarbons are still on the table and said that the Greek Cypriot side continues the exploitation of hydrocarbons on its own, a fact that will addressed by the north and Turkey.

They will also carry on with the Varosha initiative, which concerns reopening parts of the fenced area of Famagusta to former residents and visitors, he said.

‘Parliament’ is expected to discuss and vote on the coalition programme this week.

The previous coalition formed by the UBP, DP and the Rebirth Party (YDP) resigned last month.