A total of 155,600 people had started the process of filing their tax returns for 2020 by November 11, Income Tax department spokesman Sotiris Markides told the Cyprus News Agency on Sunday

He said the filing process on the TaxisNet portal continues without problems and urged all employees to complete their forms as soon as possible as the deadline to do so is November 30.

Markides said that employees can fill in their forms in a few minutes with the help of the enhanced automations available both in terms of completing the form and calculating the tax.

He said while 155,600 have started the process, 124.8 thousand have submitted their tax returns.

Markides also reminded that the deadline for paying any outstanding tax is also the end of the month.

Any outstanding taxes that may arise when filling the form can be paid online through Tax Portal – https://taxportal.mof.gov.cy, regardless of the date of payment and also through the JCCSmart website https://www.jccsmart.com. These are payments due before November 30.