Starting Monday, vaccinated people crossing to and from the north must present a seven-day negative Covid test while those without jabs would have to carry a 72-hour negative test, according to a UN statement.

Exempted are high-school pupils and people residing in Kato Pyrgos who will need a seven-day negative test.

The new regime will come into effect on Monday at 9am.

The decision followed the assessment of the bicommunal technical committee on health, which downgraded conditions on both sides of the divide to Dark Red from Orange.

The UN statement said fully vaccinated persons with EMA approved vaccines, as well as the Sinovac, Sinopharm, or Sputnik vaccines, may cross with a seven-day negative rapid test or PCR test, 14 days after their second dose or first Johnson & Johnson jab.

“A 72-hour negative Rapid test or PCR test for unvaccinated persons with the exception of high school students and people residing in Kato Pyrgos who will instead need a seven-day negative Rapid Test or PCR test,” the statement said.

The decision is in line with the June 2 agreement between the leaders of the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities to synchronize the two sides’ respective Covid-19 measures concerning crossings.

The technical committee has been assessing the epidemiological situation continuously and has also exchanged data on a bi-weekly basis in order to determine the appropriate epidemiological level to be applied at the crossing points, adjusting measures, as appropriate.