The transport ministry reminded the public on Friday that it will on Monday start accepting applications for subsidies for the car scrappage scheme and purchase of vehicles with lower emissions.

Those interested will be able to submit their applications online, until December 20.

The applications will be examined based on the age of the vehicle and not on the date of submission of the application.

The scheme concerns the withdrawal of saloon, van or twin cab pickup vehicles that are 12 years and over. The vehicle’s age is calculated from the date it was registered in any country as new until December 6, 2021.

Beneficiaries are individuals, professionals, or legal entities.

The amounts that will be allocated for the purpose of scrapping an old vehicle and replacing it with a new one range from €7,500 to €12,000.

For the scrappage of a vehicle and its replacement with a new one with emissions under 50 grammes per kilometre, the subsidy amounts to €7,500.

Applicants who scrap an old taxi to replace it with a new one with emission under 50 gr/km will be given €12,000.

For the withdrawal and replacement with a new vehicle for disabled people or large families, with low emissions, the subsidy amounts to €10,000.

And there is a €1,000 subsidy for the withdrawal and purchase of a new electric bicycle (assisted cycling). The scheme also provides for tickets for use on regular bus lines worth €750 in total for the scrappage of an old car.

The application process for the other scheme, for the purchase of new or used electric vehicles, is to start later in the month.

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