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Conspiracy theories take root in Italy, survey shows

apollo 11 moon landing 50th anniversary
One out of 10 Italians think astronauts never set foot on the moon

One out of 10 Italians think astronauts never set foot on the moon while 5.8% believe the earth is flat, according to a poll published on Friday, which said conspiracy theories had taken root in Italian society.

The Censis research institute survey, which questioned 1,200 people, also showed that 19.9% of the adult population thought 5G wireless technology was a sophisticated way of controlling people’s minds.

Almost two years after the coronavirus was first discovered in Italy, the poll said 5.9% of respondents did not believe the virus existed, 10.9% said vaccines were useless and 12.7% said science did more harm than good.

“Rationality … gives way in many cases to an unreasonable readiness to believe in the most improbable fantasies,” Censis said in a statement accompanying the survey.

Although the vaccination campaign has been broadly successful in Italy, with almost 77% of residents fully inoculated, almost one third of those interviewed said they thought the vaccines were experimental drugs.

Some 64.4% of Italians thought big multinationals were “responsible for everything that happens to us”.

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