With winter weather threatening rain you don’t want to look a washout says PRUDENCE WADE

When the wind starts howling and the rain pours down, it can be tempting to cancel all your plans and hibernate at home. This is a very valid option, but not everyone wants to miss out just because of a bit of bad weather.

If you still want to go out and about, you’ll have to be sartorially prepared. No one wants to spend the day battling the wind in a flimsy jacket and soggy shoes, so you might want to follow these fashion dos and don’ts…

DO pack your umbrella

This might sound obvious, but no one wants to be stuck in the pouring rain without protection. Just make sure your umbrella is sturdy – you don’t want it getting whipped away by the strong winds.

DON’T wear light colours

Pale colours will make rain and potentially mud splatters look even starker. Stick to darker tones, which will hide any stains or splashes better, and won’t go see-through.

fashion2 puffer coat from river island

Black RI Studio 2 In 1 Puffer Coat, £150, available from River Island. PA Photo/Handout.

DO Invest in a proper jacket

No longer just for skiing holidays, the fashion crowd can’t get enough of a good puffer jacket – and it’s exactly what you need to protect you from the wind and rain.

Oversized puffers are very much in vogue. We recommend going for the football manager look in a long coat for full protection.

DON’T forget your layers

Rain isn’t always associated with frigid weather – it brings with it low cloud cover, and often that can mean milder days.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a jacket will be enough and make sure you’re wearing enough layers to stave off the chill.

DO wear a hat

A wide-brimmed structured hat will not only make any outfit look chicer – it’ll also help protect your hair from the rain. Bonus.

DON’T wear flimsy shoes

Unless you want to spend the day squishing every time you step, steer clear of thin plimsolls or canvas shoes while the storms rage. We’re not saying you have to wear full on Wellingtons – unless you’re going for a muddy country walk – but think about sturdy boots in water-resistant materials.

DO consider what trousers to wear

Even if your top half stays nice and dry thanks to a raincoat and umbrella, chances are your trousers might still get soaked in the deluge, and nothing is worse than heavy trousers taking a million years to dry.

Wet jeans will guarantee you’re uncomfortable for the rest of the day, so consider quick-drying materials such as leggings or tights.