Police have finalised their case against two men, brothers aged 33 and 44, involved in the murder of two Russian women and will face court on Wednesday.

The case stems from a missing person’s report received on November 17 concerning two Russian women, Alraeesi Khaiat, 43, and Mariia Gazibagandova, 33, who were later found to have been murdered and buried in the garden of a holiday house in Kato Amiantos.

The initial suspect is the 33-year-old third country male who confessed to the killings and will face the charge of premeditated murder at Larnaca court on Wednesday.

His brother will face charges of accessory-after-the-fact and interfering with the investigation.

A third man, aged 30, who was detained in connection with the case is expected to be released shortly as it was decided not to prosecute him.

The bodies of the two women were uncovered on December 5.

The 33-year-old broke down during question and confessed to the killings, according to the police. It was further reported that he shot them.

Investigations had already found blood which matched the DNA of one of the women at the house. Blood was also found on a mini excavator that was being used in the construction work.