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Can the met office be trusted?

The Editor,

You reported that the rainfall in Cyprus in December reached 113 per cent of the annual average according to the Cyprus met office. Is that really true?

The average rainfall in Cyprus according to the published figures is higher in December than any other month of the year. Can that really be true?

Rainfall is measured in various fixed spots around the island but do those spots really reflect what is happening?

The Cyprus reservoir levels must surely reflect the real rainfall all over the island.

Examination of the monthly inflow for the last ten years shows that the average inflow for December was around 12 MCM, actually about four times more that the inflow in 2021.

The total inflows to the reservoirs in January have been three times greater than in December and the total inflows in February have been 50 per cent greater than December.

Lies, damn lies and statistics!!

The Cyprus met office should try harder.



Julian Dixon


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