Covid infections spiked across all ages in the week between December 25 and December 31, especially among youth groups, which saw up to sixfold increases over the previous week, as 16,530 cases were recorded, the health ministry said Tuesday.

According to the ministry’s data, infections among 18 to 19-year-olds rose sixfold in a week, from 170 to 1,057, while the 20 to 24 age group saw a fivefold rise, from 585 to 2,914.

Infections among the 25 to 29 group increased four times to 2,837 from 631 while the rest of the age groups, from 0 to over 85, either doubled or tripled against the previous week.

Most cases were reported in Nicosia, 6,587, with Limassol in second place with 3,247. Cases where the location was not specified reached 2,860.

Most infections were in the 24-25 group, 2,924, followed by 25-29 with 2,837.