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Sebastian Cruz Couture ranked among the top go-to designers for fashion-savvy male celebs

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Copyright: Sebastian Cruz Couture

If we are being completely honest, the male fashion world has historically been somewhat of a snooze fest. While female fashion has always been quick to experiment with patterns and designs, the male fashion industry was always relatively conservative, hesitant to stray away from traditional norms. Thankfully, due to the efforts of designers like Tom Ford, Sebastian Cruz Couture, and Dolce & Gabbana, who have delivered innovative menswear designs— men now have more high-fashion options. And as a result, Hollywood’s red carpet has seen a shift in men’s fashion.

Bold prints and daring colors have taken over the classic black and white tuxedo. Menswear is now no longer ruled by tradition; in fact, designers are pushing the boundaries, breaking the rules, and proving that fashion is art- and art is about expression. There are some things like pocket squares and a well-tailored fit that will never go out of style; we are also now seeing that the men of Hollywood are no longer shy to experiment with colors and textures.

Examining hollywood’s shift in male fashion

Hollywood’s male A-listers showed that they were not afraid to experiment and take fashion risks on the red carpets over the past few years. And whilst we definitely saw plenty of tuxedos and classic suits in the mix, we also saw actors, models, and signers venture out of what we have become accustomed to seeing. Harry Styles’s flaunted a pink feather boa at the Grammys, Randy Jackson’s bold printed Sebastian Cruz Couture suit at Miss America, and Daniel Craig’s cerise pink suit jacket at the No Time to Die premiere are perfect examples of the shift in trend.

Making bold statements through fashion

Fashion has become a means of expression, evolving sentiment pieces to pieces that are making a statement. Throughout history, men’s formal fashion has always been very “up-tight” and “serious,” with men dressing to fit into society’s gentleman standards. However, due to fashion leaders like Tom Ford, Sebastian Cruz Couture, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Dior changing the narrative, men have become more open to stepping out of their comfort zone and into the spotlight.

Sebastian Cruz Couture has proven to be a complete game-changer; not only have they encouraged individuality and self-expression, but the fashion house has also placed emphasis on making high fashion globally accessible. 

Cesar Cruz, the co-founder of Sebastian Cruz Couture, says that he wants people to view the brand as a symbol of uniqueness. He says that he wants to focus on “educating, inspiring and empowering people all over the world. You are limitless and can achieve whatever you want as long as you are confident and believe in yourself. When you wear our brand, you get a level of confidence that makes you feel like a superhero. When you feel down, you dress up in your garments, and the compliments start flowing in. That level of energy sent to you immediately makes you feel better. When you look good, you feel good, and you do good!”

A unique feature of the fashion house is that they have opted to avoid showing the faces of their models on their social media posts. This is done because they want people to be able to see themselves in the clothes instead of seeing a model. This shifts the focus from the model and men comparing themselves and places the emphasis on the clothing and the statement that is being made.

Making high fashion more accessible

If you are not a member of tinsel town, it might be difficult for you to access high fashion garments directly from luxury designers. In a move to help close this gap, Sebastian Cruz Couture has decided to forgo the traditional brick-and-mortar boutique and embrace the world of e-commerce.  The fashion house placed emphasis on making luxury fashion available globally. Through their innovative technology that allows their designers to have a custom pattern of each customer on file, the house of Sebastian Cruz Couture has been able to deliver custom-made luxury suits to anyone, anywhere. Breaking the stereotype that luxury fashion should only be worn by the chosen elite.

Final thoughts

Men’s fashion is going through an exciting and revolutionary change. With more room for expression, we can expect high fashion to produce garments that make a bigger and bolder impact. To allow men to step out of the shadows and encourage self-expression through fashion. 

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